2nd Official + 1st Informal Disability, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness Meeting

7:00 PM  - 11:00 PM
Friday Oct 6, 2017
4th Floor, Old Main

Tired of being tired? Come crash on a couch with us

You heard it here, we're all meeting up to discuss resiliency and accommodations, and then heading over to one of our member's apartments to get to know each other outside the group too. If you can only make the informal, you're still welcome, just contact me for a ride! Especially contact me if you didn't get on the mailing list after last meeting. 

Our group focuses on discussing the experience of living with physical or mental illnesses, bonding with fellow people with accommodations, and reaching out, rather than labeling. You don’t have to identify as disabled or be visibly ill to join. If you feel that any of these have impacted your life, welcome! Formal meetings are every other week. Informal meetings usually take place over waffles at someone's apartment. 

Quotes from participants: "Take the elevator. Eat the brownie.”  | “Our cards against humanity games are horrifying.”  | “I swear you’re late by 5 minutes every time." |“...This time it was 4!”

Contact: for questions or to join our mailing list

This event is for: Students

Sponsored By: Multicultural Life (Dept. of)

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