Ellen Elias-Bursac: “Negotiating Meaning: Translating at a War Crimes Tribunal.”

4:45 PM  - 6:00 PM
Monday Oct 9, 2017
Harmon Room, DeWitt Wallace Library

Ellen Elias-Bursac will be giving a lecture entitled “Negotiating Meaning: Translating at a War Crimes Tribunal.” In war crimes trials, witnesses testify and attorneys argue all through an interpreter; and judges adjudicate on interpreted testimony and translated evidence which shape international justice. Ellen Elias-Bursać is the Vice President of the American Literary Translators’ Association, and a Mac alum. She has been translating fiction and nonfiction by Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian writers since the 1980s and is the author of Translating Evidence and Interpreting Testimony at a War Crimes Tribunal: Working in a Tug-of-War, awarded the Mary Zirin Prize in 2015. Light refreshments will be served. For information contact: chadaga@macalester.edu. Sponsored by the departments of Asian Languages & Cultures, German & Russian Studies, and Human Rights & Humanitarianism Concentration.

This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Asian Languages and Cultures, German and Russian Studies, Human Rights and Humanitarianism

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