King Lear: A Group Reading- Mac@Nite

8:00 PM  - 11:30 PM
Saturday Oct 7, 2017
The Loch, Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center

Betrayal, familial strife, the death of kings, wit and quips abound in one of Shakespeare's most dramatic tragedies. We begin with amegalomaniacal king on Britain's throne. Surrounding him are sycophants and ruthless social climbers. Unable to discern flattery from friendship, the king sows the seeds of destruction for both himself and his kingdom, and we, the audience, watch as they fall.
Unnervingly relevant to the US's current political clime, King Lear is a piece well-worth a look, and this Saturday is a chance to give that look. Join Mac@Nite in the Loch at 8:00 PM as we undertake a group reading of this magnificent piece. Take a part or five, eat Elizabethian inspired foods, get a free copy of King Lear, learn some brilliant quips and partake in a performance of a work that seems more applicable to our present day than it would have seemed in 1606!
Come for the whole show or for any portion. Parts will be available all night!

This event is for: Students and Staff

Admission: Free

Sponsored By: Campus Activities and Operations

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