Philosophy Colloquium - Dogma and Conspiracy

4:30 PM  - 6:00 PM
Thursday Oct 5, 2017
4th Floor Lounge, Old Main

Saul Kripke suggests we ought to be dogmatic with respect to what we know.  Many if not all of us are Kripkean dogmatists with respect to some of what we know.  One place this is manifest is in our reaction to "conspiracy theorists".  Must we really hear them out?  Is it a sign of cognitive dysfunction or irrationality when we avoid or ignore these rich sources of evidence and arguments?  I think the answer is `no’.  Kripkean dogmatism with respect to some of the things we know is epistemically beyond reproach.  But saying why is tricky, especially since being dogmatic with respect to *all* of the things we know would involve a considerable amount of irrationality.  While venturing some thoughts about how to reconcile all of this, my talk’s main goal is to leave you as puzzled about dogmatism and the demands of rationality as I am.      

4th Floor Old Main 4:40 Thursday, Oct. 5

All are welcome refreshments served.

Contact: Toni Schrantz 6141

This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff and Public

Sponsored By: Religious Studies

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