Alan Moore and the Municipalism Political Movement in Europe

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Friday Mar 31, 2017
CST, DeWitt Wallace Library

Please join us in conversation with Alan Moore. Alan currently lives in Spain and has been actively involved in the "Municipalism" political movement in Europe, specifically the Spanish Barcelona en Comu platform. A radical departure from currently existing institutions of representative democracy, Barcelona en Comu’s policy agenda includes participatory democracy, defending social justice and community rights, and introducing mechanisms to tackle political and corporate corruption. Alan will speak about his work with the movement.

“Municipalism refers to political organization based on assemblies of neighbourhoods, practicing direct democracy, which would be organized in a system of free communes or municipalities, as an alternative to the centralized state.” - Marta Cillero of United Explanations

Barcelona en Comu has had incredible and rapid success in Spain since its founding in 2014. The most visible of these is the Ada Colau’s election as mayor of Barcelona.

More info about Alan Moore: Alan is an art historian and activist whose work addresses cultural economies and groups and the politics of collectivity. He is best known for his work with the no wave artists’ group Colab and helping to start the cultural center, ABC No Rio in New York City after participating in Colab's The Real Estate Show (1980), one of the best-known artist squat actions in New York history.


More info about Municipalism and Barcelona en Comu:

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