Physics & Astronomy Seminar -- Nanoscience Research at the University of Minnesota

3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM
Wednesday Mar 1, 2017
Olin-Rice Science Center 150

James Marti, Ph.D., Senior Scientist & Outreach Coordinator, University of Minnesota Nano Center

Nanoscience and applied nanotechnology have attracted interest from scientists, engineers, and the general public for decades.  But what is nanotechnology, and why would someone want to do research in the field of nanoscience?  This presentation will offer an introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology, present a summary of some of the current nanoscience research focus areas at Minnesota, and describe opportunities for faculty and students from other institutions to collaborate with the Nano Center. 

Refreshments at 3:00 PM

This event is for: Students

Sponsored By: Physics & Astronomy

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