Conversations About Our Scholarly Lives

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Monday May 1, 2017
Suite 309, DeWitt Wallace Library

Bret Jackson, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, will present, "The Allegory of the CAVE: Designing a Virtual Reality Display for Immersive Applications in Science and Art."  The future of visual computing will rely on displays that can immerse a user in virtual worlds. What will make these “holodecks” so compelling is not just the visual quality, but the hands-on 3D user interfaces that react as if a user is really present in the virtual environment.  In this talk, Bret Jackson will discuss the design and construction of a room-sized computer display called a VR CAVE to support this new type of interaction.  Examples from his current work using the CAVE will be demoed to the group.  All faculty welcome.  Lunch will be provided

Contact: Theresa Klauer, 6437

This event is for: Faculty

Sponsored By: Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST)

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