French Lecture Series

4:30 PM  - 6:00 PM
Monday Mar 27, 2017
Neill Hall (formerly Humanities Building) 401

Jessica Pearson, History, will present "Trump, Brexit, and the French Presidential Elections:  A Historical Perspective on Racism and Xenophobia in Europe."  In the summer of 2016, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union unleashed a new wave of xenophobic nationalism in Europe. In the wake of “Brexit,” right-wing parties in Europe such as the United Kingdom Independence Party, Germany’s AfD, the Alternative für Deutschland, and France’s National Front have capitalized on recent terrorist attacks, higher rates of unemployment, and the influx of refugees to mobilize anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and anti-Semitic rhetoric and policies. While recent global events have galvanized European xenophobia, these movements have important historical precedents. This talk will explore the roots of the present-day European racism by contextualizing it in the history of global decolonization after 1945. 

Pearson is an assistant professor of history at Macalester College. She received her PhD from New York University in 2013 and came to Macalester from the University of Oklahoma. Her research focuses on the history of global public health programs in France’s African empire after 1945.  She teaches courses on the history of women and gender in Europe, colonialism, public health, and race and immigration.


Contact: Theresa Klauer, 6437

This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty and Parents and Families

Sponsored By: French and Francophone Studies

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