Talking About Teaching

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Friday Apr 7, 2017
Suite 309, DeWitt Wallace Library

Christina Esposito, Linguistics, will present "What my students taught me about inclusivity."  How do we make our classroom more inclusive for students who are genderqueer? This was a question that I faced last year, when I taught a course that covered topics such as how puberty and menopause change our speaking voices.  How can these topics, which the literature presents assuming the gender-binary, be made more inclusive? I'll share some strategies and ideas that I used  to promote inclusivity in  my lectures. I would like my talk to be interactive, so please bring questions from your own lectures, and we will have a chance to workshop our ideas.  All faculty welcome.  Lunch will be provided.

Contact: Theresa Klauer, 6437

This event is for: Faculty

Sponsored By: Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST)

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