Physics Seminar-Quark Gluon Plasma: The Hottest Liquid in the Universe

3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM
Wednesday Apr 2, 2014
Room 150, Olin-Rice Science Center

Dr. Todd Springer, Visiting Assistant Professor, Colgate College, is speaking:

Relativistic heavy ion collision experiments aim to study the behavior of nuclear matter at extreme temperatures and densities. Particle colliders near Brookhaven, NY (RHIC) and Geneva, Switzerland (LHC) are currently operating at unprecedented energies.  It is now well accepted that quark gluon plasma (a state of matter which existed only a few microseconds after the big bang) is created in such collisions.  Surprisingly, this matter appears to behave as a very strongly interacting liquid.  In this talk I will outline what we have learned from heavy ion collisions, how we know it, and what we are still hoping to learn.

(Picture taken from CERN Press Release)

Admission: Free

Sponsored By: Physics & Astronomy

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