Philosophy Lecture Series with Henry West, Lecture 2: Karl Marx

7:30 AM  - 9:00 AM
Tuesday Apr 8, 2014
Room 250, Olin-Rice Science Center

Join the early-rising Macalester community for three lectures by everybody's favorite philosophy professor, Henry West, Tuesday mornings at 7:30 a.m., April 1, 8 and 15. Coffee and pastries will be provided. Best parking is in the Leonard Center lot, off Snelling. Find it online here.

Lecture 2: Karl Marx (1818-1883) The inspiration for the Communist regimes, but if he had been alive to see them he would have said, "If this is Marxism, I'm not a Marxist".

The third, and final, session is:
Lecture 3: April 15 - Theories of Justice Dr. West will discuss theories developed by John Rawls, (A Theory of Justice), Robert Nozick (Anarchy, State and Revolution) and others.

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In the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx did predict and advocate a proletarian revolution to overthrow capitalism. He was not explicit as to what would follow such a revolution. That is a matter of controversy, and it will be discussed in the lecture. Some other topics are his theory of “historical materialism,” the claim that the major force in historical change is change in technology and the conditions by which humans meet their physical needs. Changing ideas are the result of such “material” changes. His critique of capitalism, in the great work Das Kapital, is based on a theory that profit comes from exploitation of labor. Labor, under capitalism, he claims, is alienating, dehumanizing—the laborer does not own the product or have control of his or her working time, is in competition with other workers, and in opposition to an employer who seeks the most work for the least compensation. Can wage labor be eliminated, replaced by some kind of free associated productive activity, as Marx advocated?

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