Penumbra Theatre Workshop - "Race Matters: A Dialogue on Perception"

10:00 AM  - 2:30 PM
Saturday Feb 15, 2014
Harmon Reading Room, DeWitt Wallace Library

Join Penumbra Theatre actors and workshop facilitators for an engaging workshop entitled "Race Matters: A Dialogue on Perception."  Space is limited to 45 participants.  To register, please email Karla at

Workshop Description:

Imagine you’re on a city bus. It is quiet and nearly empty, just you and a handful of other travelers. Sitting to your right is a middle-aged white woman reading a book. Her briefcase and purse lay in the seat adjacent to her. When the bus stops, three black teenagers board—they are carrying backpacks and laughing with one another. The woman sees the teenagers and quickly moves her purse and briefcase to her lap. What just happened? Where do you fit in relation to the story? How does who you are matter? What assumptions were made in that flash of a moment? How do they inform what happens next?

Every day we encounter moments similar to this, mere seconds that can be hurtful, confusing and frustrating. Rarely do we have the opportunity to slow down and consider their complexity. Penumbra approaches issues of race and racism with the fundamental belief that we see difference. Workshop participants will use theatre as a space for questions, commentary, problem-solving and criticism. The process celebrates human difference, recognizes cultural nuance and invites everyone to participate in the dialogue.


This event is for: Students

Sponsored By: Multicultural Life (Dept. of), Black History Month Committee

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