MSCS Seminar - Miles Ott

3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM
Tuesday Dec 3, 2013
OLRI 250, Olin-Rice Science Center

A talk titled "Sampling Hard-to-Reach Populations Using Social Networks: It's Who You Know" will be given by Miles Ott Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton College. Why do infectious diseases spread quickly in some groups and not others? How do your friends affect you and your behaviors? How can we learn about groups that are highly stigmatized and hidden? Social networks— representations of individuals and their relationships have been used to tackle each of these questions, as well as many others. However, social networks also challenge many standard statistical assumptions and require novel statistical methodology. He will introduce social networks, and discuss how statistical methods can be leveraged to gain insight into phenomena encapsulated in these fascinating social structures.

This event is for: Students and Faculty

Sponsored By: Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

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