Discuss Aftershock by Robert Reich with Portland area alumni

7:00 PM  - 9:00 PM
Thursday Jan 9, 2014
Hosted by Joyce Williams '68

Discuss Aftershock by Robert Reich with alumni in the Portland area. The discussion will be led by Joyce Williams '68. If you plan to attend, please contact Joyce via email to RSVP and for directions.

Where to find it:
Libraries: Multnomah County - Washington County
Vendors: Amazon - GoodReads

When the nation’s economy foundered in 2008, blame was directed almost universally at Wall Street bankers. But Robert B. Reich, one of our most experienced and trusted voices on public policy, suggests another reason for the meltdown. Our real problem, he argues, lies in the increasing concentration of income at the top, robbing the vast middle class of the purchasing power it needs to keep the economy going. This thoughtful and detailed account of the American economy—and how we can fix it—is a practical, humane, and much-needed blueprint for rebuilding our society.

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Contact: Joyce Williams '68,

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