Physics Seminar: The Higgs Boson has Fleas

4:30 PM  - 5:30 PM
Thursday Nov 14, 2013
Room 150, Olin-Rice Science Center

Dr. John Hiller, University of Minnesota-Duluth, Department of Physics

The recently discovered Higgs boson completes the picture of the Standard Model of particle physics. In this model, the masses of the other particles, such as electrons and quarks, arise from their interaction with the field of the Higgs boson. The inertia of such massive particles, as they move through the Higgs field, is roughly analogous to the resistance experienced by fleas moving through thick fur. The nonzero expectation value of the Higgs field in vacuum is determined by a self-interaction with a spontaneously broken symmetry. We consider a nonperturbative method for the calculation of this effect, after illustrating the distinction between perturbative and nonperturbative methods. Applications of our nonperturbative method to the calculation of the properties of the "fleas" will also be discussed.

Join us for TEA at 4 PM, OLRI first floor atrium.


This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents and Families and Public

Admission: Free

Sponsored By: Physics & Astronomy

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