Imagining Spanish in the United States: Cultural Representation and Social Perception

4:30 PM  - 6:30 PM
Thursday Nov 7, 2013
Davis Court, Markim Hall

Linguist Andrew Lynch will be on campus to talk about Imagining Spanish in the United States: Cultural Representation and Social Perception.


Why does Dexter speak Spanish in the first episodes of the hit television series but not in subsequent seasons? Is English losing ground to Spanish in Miami and other areas of the country? When did Spanish become an important part of the US economy? This talk responds to these and other popular questions about the status of Spanish in the US, exploring the ways in which the language has been ideologically configured, collectively imagined, and socially perceived.


The talk will be in English.


Andrew Lynch, Ph.D. specializes in sociolinguistics and issues of bilingualism. He is co-author of El español en contacto con otras lenguas (Georgetown University Press, 2009) and has published numerous articles and essays on the situation of Spanish in the United States. He has given more than fifty academic talks and invited lectures in the US, Latin America and Europe, and has spoken on CNN, NPR, BBC London, Radio Nederland, and Oppenheimer Presenta. His opinions have been cited in The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, and by the Associated Press. He currently serves as Director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program at the University of Miami.


This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty and Public

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