IRT and games go together!

10:00 PM  - 11:30 PM
Thursday Oct 3, 2013
Alexander G. Hill Ballroom, Kagin Commons

Students from the International Round Table presenting team will be organizing a game called "Build your own community health center". Here is a short description of the game:

In this group game participants will test their abilities to work as a group, building a hypothetical community health care center. They will experience the difficulties and struggles that advocates all over the world experience when they embark in projects related to community health care. Participants will also learn to overcome these difficulties... Or maybe fail in the process.

It will be an interesting experience, and there will be a short discussion after, co-facilitated by the Department of Multicultural Life. It is open for everyone at the Macalester community.

This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents and Families and Public

Sponsored By: Institute for Global Citizenship (IGC), Multicultural Life (Dept. of)

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