Conversations About Our Scholarly Lives

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Monday Sep 30, 2013
Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (Room 338), DeWitt Wallace Library

Harini Najendra, Hubert H. Humphrey Distinguished Visiting Professor in Geography, will present  “Graying and Greening in Bangalore: Impacts of Urbanization on Ecology."  Bangalore is one of India’s fastest growing cities, with a population approaching 9 million. This growth has had a major impact on ecosystems and biodiversity, leading to the encroachment and pollution of water bodies, felling of thousands of trees, and urbanization of green spaces. Yet, civil society also shapes the environmental agenda in Bangalore, taking a vibrant role in limiting environmental change and promoting community-led restoration. Najendra will examine the interactions between people, biodiversity and conservation in this city, given Bangalore’s cultural character as a location of significant civic and collective action.  All faculty welcome.  Lunch will be provided.

Contact: Adrienne Christiansen, ext. 6714

This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents and Families and Public

Sponsored By: Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST)

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