Math and Society Lecture - Lou Gross

4:30 PM  - 5:30 PM
Wednesday Sep 25, 2013
John B. Davis Auditorium, Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center

"Best" in a Biological Context: Optimization across the
Biological Hierarchy

Louis J.Gross

Director, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Many central concepts in biology involve notions of what is
"better" or "best" in the context of evolution, physiology,
and behavior. Similarly, in many applied areas of the life sciences,
we are concerned with developing a "best" method to carry out
drug therapies, resource harvesting, pest management, and
epidemic control. I will discuss, with audience participation,
what it might mean to be "best" for several problems at different
levels of the biological hierarchy. This includes being clear about
differences between maximization and optimization, and taking
account of constraints, historical and others, on biological systems.
Finally, I will discuss notions of optimal control in biology.

This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

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