Astronomy Seminar--ANGST X: Clustered Star Formation in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies

4:30 PM  - 5:30 PM
Thursday Sep 5, 2013
Olin-Rice Science Center 150

David Cook, University of Wyoming

In galaxies, the relationship between stars in bound clusters and those that populate the field is poorly understood. The formation of both populations is connected, whether stars form in clusters and dissolve to create field stars, or field stars form concurrently with clusters. Previous studies have found relationships between the field and cluster populations of mid to high star formation rate galaxies. I will present the behavior of field and clustered star formation in the low star formation rate regime of 52 dwarf galaxies by quantifying the fraction of stars that populate star clusters. The data show broad agreement with the previous relationships at higher star formation rates, but significant galaxy-to-galaxy scatter exists. In an attempt to account for this scatter, the effects of random sampling with low number statistics (stochasticity) and cluster disruption are explored.

Refreshments at 4 PM.

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