Chautauqua: The Lilly Program for Vocation and Ethical Leadership

11:00 AM  - 12:00 PM
Thursday May 23, 2013
Hall of Fame, Leonard Center athletic & wellness complex

The Lilly Program for Vocation and Ethical Leadership encourages the examination of broad questions of values, ethics and vocation. Its programs combine reflection and action to bring to life those pivotal questions about the meaning and purpose of our life's work.  In this session participants will briefly explore their own sense vocation and consider how they can assist students in their reflective work.  Participants will also gain a better understanding of the various Lilly Programs and the impact they have on our students.

Facilitator(s):  Karin Trail-Johnson, Associate Dean of  the Institute for Global Citzenship/Director of Civic Engagement Center and Eily Marlow, Lilly Program Associate 

Contact: Becca Klein, , 651-696-6053

This event is for: Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Employment Services, Lilly Project for Vocation and Ethical Leadership

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