“Nationalism and Language in Japan” with Professor Satoko Suzuki

1:31 PM  - 2:30 PM
Friday Jun 7, 2013
Room 350, Olin-Rice Science Center

Back to Class Faculty Lecture:
"Nationalism and Language in Japan"
Satoko Suzuki, DeWitt Wallace Professor/Chair, Asian Languages and Cultures   

Shinzo Abe was elected as Prime Minister of Japan when his party, the Liberal Democratic Party, won the election in December, 2012. He has so far been a popular prime minister largely for his economic policies. Abe is a well-known nationalist, who has increased military spending for the first time in 11 years. Does this mean that Japanese citizens are becoming more tolerant of his nationalistic views?

This presentation will examine the relationship between nationalism and language. There was a folk belief among the Japanese that only Japanese could speak the language naturally and perfectly. Is this belief still prevalent even today when Japan has become much more multicultural than before? Professor Suzuki will discuss the phenomenon of “Japanese Language Booms,” revisit the issue of foreign celebrities on Japanese television in the 80’s, examine the current consumption of non-native speech on television and print media, and explore whether what psychologist Rika Kayama calls puchi nashonarizumu ‘petit nationalism’ might be related to the kind of nationalism that Shinzo Abe espouses.

This event is for: Alumni, Staff and Faculty

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