69 Questions: A Hot and Healthy Trivia Night

10:00 PM  - 11:00 PM
Thursday Apr 11, 2013
Cafe Mac, Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center

Question: When was the first documented report of condom use?

This THURSDAY at 10 PM in Cafe Mac is...... SEX TRIVIA NIGHT! Think you know a lot about sex and sexual health? Come on over and test your knowledge. Or, learn more about healthy, hot sex!

Everyone can participate in the raffle to the best sex guidebook ever, the Guide to Getting It On. The winning team will receive Target gift cards.

This night will be a perfect study break, it only lasts an hour, and there will be free food and lots of free condoms, lube, and other safer sex items!!! Look for appearances by Mac the Scot, Off-Kilter and Scotch Tape! Can't wait to see you there! COME WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!

Answer: Casanova in the eighteenth century! Did you also know that condoms used to be made out of animal intestines? Wow. Great thing we have free latex and non-latex condoms at the Wellness Lounge.

Sponsored By: Laurie Hamre Center for Health & Wellness

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