Human-Nature Interactions: Drivers and Outcomes of Land Change in India

4:30 PM  - 5:30 PM
Wednesday Apr 3, 2013
Carnegie Hall 107

Research talk to be presented by Dr. Harini Nagrendra, candidate for the 2013-2014 Hubert H. Humphrey Visiting Professorship.

India is undergoing massive transformations in land cover and land use due to forest clearing and urbanization, with alarming implications for sustainability. My research examines how human-nature interactions influence land change and impact conservation. The basic question examined is - under what (social, ecological) conditions do people act as positive or negative agents for land change, and what do these different outcomes represent for sustainability? To answer this, I will discuss evidence from research findings in two important, interlinked types of locations representing rapid changes taking place across India – forests, and cities. The first part of my presentation will focus on forests, and the role of collective action in forest protection and recovery, drawing on case studies in India and adjacent regions of Nepal. The second part of the presentation examines the impact of urbanization-related land cover/land use change in Indian cities.

This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Geography

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