Critical Theory Program 1st Annual Symposium

5:00 PM  - 7:00 PM
Friday Apr 5, 2013
Davis Court, Markim Hall

 The Symposium features three members of the Critical Theory Program Steering Committee: David Moore

“An African Classic in Fourteen Translations:  World Literature on a Planetary Scale,”   David Martyn “The Invention of Monolingualism: Toward an Archeology of the Mother Tongue,” and  A. Kiarina Kordela Religious—Secular: A Matter of Translation?”

Food for thought, as well as edibles from It's Greek to Me & presents for graduating Critical Theory concentrators.

Symposium: from the Greek symposion convivial gathering of the educated” (related to sympotes “drinking companion”), from syn- “together” + posis “a drinking.” Reflecting the Greek fondness for mixing drink, food, and intellectual discussion, the modern sense is especially from the word used as a title for one of Plato’s dialogues. The Greek plural is symposia, and the leader of one is a symposiarch.

Are you interested in Critical Theory? Are you not sure what Critical Theory is? Do you want to meet more of the Professors and students who are involved in the Concentration?   Don’t miss this event!

This event is for: Students and Faculty

Sponsored By: Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship (IGC), Critical Theory

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