Geography Honors Presentation (Bradley)

2:15 PM  - 3:45 PM
Wednesday Apr 24, 2013
CARN 109, Carnegie Hall

Case Studies of Environment, Health and Policy in Africa II

Presenter:  Hunter Bradley

The dramatic shift in Chinese socio-economics and rise of urbanism over the past two decades has received much attention, particularly in the field of agricultural policy. Many have contended that Chinese interests in Sub-Saharan Africa are a direct result of a new Chinese urban middle class.  This paper attempts to clear the air on the topic and will show that while indeed that has been a fundamental shift in Chinese agricultural policy in regards to Sub-Saharan Africa, these policies are also reflective of broader international economic trends and a dynamic understanding on the part of the Chinese state as to its role in global food production. This paper explores how Chinese food policy interests are engaged on both the government level and through the use of  business actors. Similarly, this paper investigates how African actors, on the state, business and private levels are interacting with the Chinese market. This paper focuses primarily on two case states: Mozambique and Zambia. By engaging available data, I argue that 1) Chinese cities are negatively impacting Chinese food self-sufficiency, 2) that the Chinese state has decided to forgo domestic food self-sufficiency 3) that China has identified-Sub Saharan Africa as a locus for increased food imports and has taken the necessary steps to improve food export capacity and 4) that African states are interested in this relationship and have taken steps to prioritize food production capacity with the potential of export.

This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

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