Geography Honors Presentation (Tysdal)

2:30 PM  - 4:00 PM
Monday Apr 22, 2013
CARN 109, Carnegie Hall

Rural Renaissance: the Redevelopment of Rapid City

Presenter:  Callie Tysdal

By many quantitative measures set by the United States Census and academic literature, Rapid City, South Dakota is an urban settlement. However, Rapid City is a thriving example of how a city and its residents willfully and overtly ascribe to a rural identity. This rural character is very present in local discussions, events, lifestyles, and institutions in Rapid City. As recently as 2012, the previously fading downtown of Rapid City has undergone a renewal that cannot escape notice. Main Street Square, a new downtown attraction that provides outdoor gathering spaces for entertainment, recreation, and cuisine, has brought new life to a downtown area that was otherwise dormant. This project was born out of a concern for local downtown business, one that is deeply evocative of Rapid City’s rural identity. This downtown revitalization ascribes to a brand based on situational rurality and the lifestyle of the local community. This paper elaborates on downtown Rapid City’s recent renaissance and how it has reinforced its unique dual nature as a rural city, rather than pushing it further towards the urban end of the spectrum.

This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

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