Conversations About Our Scholarly Lives

12:00 PM  - 1:00 PM
Monday Apr 22, 2013
Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (Room 338), DeWitt Wallace Library

James Dawes, English, will present  “Evil Men." What turns average men into monsters? In the Second Sino-Japanese war, a group of Imperial Japanese soldiers committed the worst atrocities imaginable: torture, rape, murder, medical experiments on captured civilians. Their personal confessions to the author reveal the world through the eyes of the perpetrator. Their testimony allows us to explore the psychological and organizational roots of genocide. Their stories may also help us understand ways to prevent crimes against humanity.  All faculty are welcome.  Lunch will be provided.

Contact: Adrienne Christiansen, ext. 6714

This event is for: Faculty

Sponsored By: Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST)

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