Geography Honors Presentation - (Miszczyk)

12:30 PM  - 2:00 PM
Wednesday Apr 24, 2013
Carnegie Hall 109

Medical Metropolis: The Impacts of the Healthcare Industry on Rochester, MN

Presenter:  Agata Miszczyk

Specialized-function cities are dominated by one or two related industries that comprise the majority of the economic base of the area. Rochester, Minnesota is a prime example of a specialized-function city. Here, the Mayo Clinic, a premier medical, educational, and research institution, is the primary employer and has been the driving force of development for over 100 years. The case of Rochester challenges urban theory developed in the early 1990s pertaining to how specialized-function cities grow and develop. The performed study provides an in-depth analysis of the affect the Mayo Clinic has on the local infrastructure and economy.  This study illustrates how the healthcare industry has shaped Rochester's urban form; with particular emphasis being placed on the characteristics and expansion of the Central Business District. Through in-depth interviews and planning document review, the study examines the relationship between the City and the Mayo Clinic, and how the nature of the relationship shapes development discourse and contributes to the creation of an urban "growth machine" within Rochester. The physical manifestation of this partnership is a special zoning overlay, and subsequent amendments, first implemented in March of 1991. This ordinance creates a special district within the CBD for medical-institutional purposes and another support district in a less developed area of the city. The ways in which the Medical-Institutional Special District influences other types of business and uses that are present in the downtown area are also examined and analyzed.

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