7th Annual Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Conference

9:30 AM  - 4:30 PM
Thursday Feb 21, 2013
Weyerhaeuser Board Room, Weyerhaeuser Hall

Join us for the 7th Annual Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Conference.

9:40-10:40 Elections and Success in US Politics
Discussant: Prof. Lesley Lavery

Margo Worman - Adapting to Congress: Representative Jeanette Rankin's Rhetorical Strategy

Wouter Hammik & Zach Avre - Warren's Path to Victory: Election Outcome Analysis of the 2012 Massachusetts Senate Race, Elizabeth Warren v. Scott Brown

Jacob Kraus & IndiAna Gowland - Explaining the Outcome of the Ohio Senate Race

10:50-11:50 Free Speech and Identity in US Politics
Discussant: Prof. Zornitsa Keremidchieva

Nick Rea - Exchanging Identities: Immigration, Citizenship, and Foreign Brides

Bess Boever - Enabling Falsity, Undermining Democracy: A Critique of the Liberal Mode of Free Speech for Twenty-First Century America

1:10-2:10 Changing Political Landscapes in the Middle East & North Africa
Discussant: Prof. Andrew Latham

Omar El-Zoheiry - Toward a Democratic Constitution: Theory and a Case Study of Egypt

Ida Nitter - The PNA Post-Arafat: A Fragmented Government with an Increasingly Diverse Political Leadership

Hannah Fishman - Al Qaeda 2.0: Understanding the Franchise Generation and Charting a New Counter-terrorism Strategy

2:20-3:20 Economic Crisis and Development
Discussants: Prof. Mark Hoffman & Prof. James von Geldern

Anja Crowder - Understanding Germany's Power in the European Financial Crisis

Mina Bakhtiar - Algerian Socialism and Oil-Export Dependency: The Structural Liabilities of Colonial Manicheanism

Jonas Buck - Occupying the Community: Sub-Organization Emergence from Critiques of the Occupy Movement

3:30-4:30 Infrastructure & Resource Management
Discussant: Prof. Wendy Weber

Andrew Feinberg - This is Why We Can Have Nice Things: The Case for High-Speed Rail in an Age of Austerity

Shaina Kasper - Water and Power: Water Privatization and State Legitimacy in an Era of Global Governance

Ghariza Sujak Bakir - The International Criminal Court: Enforcing Corporate Accountability in Nigeria


This event is for: Students, Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Political Science

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