Discuss The Ghost Map with Portland Mac Alumni

7:00 PM  - 9:30 PM
Thursday Feb 21, 2013
Hosted by Hannah Ferber '03

Discuss The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson later this month with Mac alumni. The discussion will be hosted by Hannah Ferber '03. If you plan to attend, please contact Hannah via email to RSVP and for directions.

The Ghost Map “is a story with four protagonists: a deadly bacterium, a vast city, and two gifted but very different men.” So begins Steven Johnson’s multi-layered account of the 1854 London cholera epidemic. London was just emerging as one of the first modern cities in the world, but it lacked the public health infrastructure to support its exploding population. As a result, the city became the perfect breeding ground for a deadly disease. Rising up against the dogma of the scientific community, two men, Dr. John Snow and Reverend Henry Whitehead, attempted to put a stop to the epidemic, and in doing so revolutionized the way we think of the spread of disease, the nature of scientific inquiry, and the rise of the modern city. --Penguin.com

Contact: Hannah Ferber '03,

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