How to Speak Fluent Dog - with Visiting Assistant Professor Julia Manor '04

6:30 PM  - 7:30 PM
Thursday Feb 21, 2013
Board Room, Weyerhaeuser Hall

Our canine companions speak to us every day using body language we typically misunderstand. Does a wagging tail really mean he's happy? Does a yawn mean he's tired? Is she really smiling at that other dog? This talk is for all individuals who would like to be better able to read the signals that dogs are sending and how to improve communication with your furry friends. Join us for a lively discussion about our favorite subject and bring your questions! Your dog will thank you for it. This lecture is for humans only. 

There is no charge, but if you plan to attend please register online here.

This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff and Faculty

Sponsored By: Psychology

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