Geography/ES Capstone Presentations

1:00 PM  - 4:30 PM
Thursday Dec 6, 2012
CC 206, Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center

 Food Security around the World (1:20-2:50)

a. Stephen Peyton: “Expansion of Supermarkets in Cape Town: The Impact of Market-Based Retail Modernization on Food Environments and Livelihood Strategies”

b. Audrey Groce: "Shopping Around: An Exploration of Potential Strategies for Mitigating Issues of Food Access in Low-Income and Minority Communities"

c. Sarah O’Connor: “”Bread, it is bread that the Revolution needs!”

d. Rosa Perr: “Food Stamps or Farmers Markets? Investigating Different Approaches to Food Insecurity in the U.S.”

e. Alexa Wilcox: Corporate Sustainability Models in Conversation with Agroecology: The Role of Private Companies in Ensuring a Sustainable Future


Sustainablility and the Built Environment (3-4:30pm)

A)  Dan Otte - Naypyidaw, Myanmar: 20th Century Planning for a 21st Century City

B)  Agata Miszczyk- Specialized Growth: Planning and Politics in Rochester, MN

C)  Alyssa Markle - Sustainable Communities or Exclusive Estates? Social Sustainability in GlenmorePark

D)  Emily Johnson - How Two Urban Conflicts Led to Success for District Heating in Montpelier

E)  Camille Cauchois - Proposition B - The Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond in San Francisco: Coalition building and the battle over public space


This event is for: Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty and Public

Admission: free

Sponsored By: Geography

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