Campus-Wide Forum on Community Involvement and Athletic Events

8:30 PM  - 10:00 PM
Thursday Oct 11, 2012
Chapel, Weyerhaeuser Memorial Chapel

MCSG is hosting a community-wide forum on Thursday, October 11th at 8:30 PM in Weyerhauser Chapel. Recent housing ordinanced and the issue of speech at Macalester sporting events has become a topic of much discussion amongst students recently, and the need to engage the campus-wide community in dialogue over these issues has become apparent. That's why we're hosting this forum. MCSG has recently committed to creating a dialogue about the responsibilities students have in integrating into the broader community and we see an opportunity to connect speech at sporting events to issues such as noise at parties, the Student Housing Ordinance, and engagement with the wider community. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to discuss our values, traditions, and habits, and arrive at an understanding of our responsibilities to the community. 
This forum will only be a success, however, if as many students come as possible. We've invited college administrators and staff to join us and offer their perspectives if they see fit, but this is ultimately a conversation amongst students. This forum isn't about being told what to do, or coming up with new rules and regulations; it's just about having a conversation and coming to a mutual understanding. If you can't make the meeting, but have opinions on the subject, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We'll also make available a summary of the meeting and next steps.

Sponsored By: Macalester College Student Government (MCSG)

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