"My So-Called Enemy" Film Screening

5:30 PM  - 7:30 PM
Thursday Apr 12, 2012
Davis Court, Markim Hall

Synopsis: In July of 2002, twenty-two Palestinian and Israeli women gathered in the U.S. to participate in a program titled "Building Bridges for Peace." "My So Called Enemy" poignantly depicts the experiences of six of these women as they embarked on this transforming program and spent ten days living with one another. The movie illustrates how their experiences together, outside of the Middle East, clashes with their realities back home. Among other themes, "My So Called Enemy" explores the role politics plays in relationships, and just how far a friendship can be stretched. Thoughtful and emotional, these women illustrate a unique perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This event is co-sponsored by Shalaam Coalition and the IZUN/MIZAN Film Series.

Pizza and Salad will be provided.

Contact: co-sponsored by Shalaam Coalition

Sponsored By: Mac Jewish Organization (MJO)

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