Discuss "We" with Twin Cities alumni

7:00 PM  - 9:30 PM
Tuesday Feb 28, 2012
Hosted by Anna Everett Beek '06

The Twin Cities MacReads group will be discussing We by Yevgeny Zamyatin this month. Anna Everett Beek '06 will be hosting the discussion.

If you plan to attend, contact Anna via email, beekx004@umn.edu, for her address and directions.

Our pot luck food theme is memories from the Ancient House.

Bring a dish you would hope to find in the Ancient House, in a world where you may not be able to enjoy it as often as you would like, and where nature is virtually non-existent (fresh vegetables, fruit, etc.).

Set in the future, We takes place in One State, a nation in which personal instincts and unique characteristics no longer exist, at least not openly. People dress in identical clothing and rather than using names, are referred to only by their given number. One State is made up almost entirely of glass structures allowing the public to be watched closely and supervised more easily. The only exception is the Ancient House, the only opaque building in the nation, which holds objects with historical or aesthetic importance. Nature does not exist as we know it, and has been banished behind the Green Wall. Not everyone is willing to go along with this structured society, however, and plots of a revolution are underway.


Contact: Anna Everett Beek '06,

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